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A monthly newsletter bringing encouraging words, inspiration and useful ideas to those who care for others

Welcome to K-Bird Publications. We publish Care Tender a newsletter for caregivers. Care Tender is simply written, in everyday language for everyday people - written by a caregiver for caregivers.

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Everyone in this country will be impacted by caregiving.
You will either know a caregiver, be a caregiver, or need one at some time or other.


From Our Editor:

Care Tender is a monthly reminder that someone cares. It has good information, ideas to help, humor to brighten your days, and encouragement for those times when you think you can't go on -- articles, recipes and food ideas, book reviews, stories, puzzles and jokes to share with those you care for, up-to-date research findings and much more.

It is read by a variety of caregivers... young couples affected by a debilitating disease, grandparents caring for grandchildren, children caring for aging parents, and spouses caring for their mates. Many care for a loved one with Alzheimer's or other dementia.

Care Tender is written in black ink on white paper--it's easy to read. All the columns are on the same page. The type is not small.

When we began our journey of caring for an aging parent with Alzheimer's Disease, we also began a journey of learning. We hope that by sharing what we are experiencing we can help make life better for other caregivers and those they care for. Please check out the other pages of our site to learn more.



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Care Tender is published each month. Subscriptions are $15 a year. To order send your check made payable to:

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